About Angie

_wsb_182x265_201_ChefAngie3630Chef Angie’s Story

Growing up in the Florida Gulf Coast town of Tarpon Springs, Angie and her five siblings were practically raised in the kitchen. Vegetables were home grown, fish for dinner was freshly caught, and trips to the supermarket were a family affair. Chef Angie’s father instilled in his children a love for homegrown and home cooked meals at a very early age. The family garden was their hub, ripe with collard greens, grapes, mangoes, oranges and grapefruit. And everything was cultivated, picked and cooked by family hands. Working with fresh ingredients around the family kitchen inspired her love of creating traditional family meals. Angie is committed to bringing the spirit of home cooking to homes across America by creating unique dishes that use bold worldly flavors from spices such as cumin, paprika, and turmeric. Her inspiration for this technique is inspired by her travels from around the world.